Yousuf Yousuf is a singer/songwriter and an exceptional composer of today, the modern music. Among musicians, he is known for his talent of making composes with beautiful and interesting melodies.

Yousuf Yousuf AKA Mazzarri was born in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. His mother was from Kabul, but his father was from the beautiful and Holy city of Mazzar e Sharif. He was very close with his father, and during his childhood he did a lot of traveling with him to Mazzar e Sharif and because he had great memories of the Holy city, he chose Mazzarri as his music name. Since the childhood, Mazzarri was a music lover and had a great deal of respect for the art of music and artist all over the world.

At the age of 17, he started writing songs with its compositions. His mission was to achieve his higher education in music right after high school. However, things did not turn out the way he had planned. Because the knowledge of medicine run in his family, his father had asked of him to get a Doctorate degree in medicine instead. In order not to let down his father and fulfill his wish, Mazzarri put a stop to his music career and decided to attend school of medicine.

In 2005, he graduated and obtained a Doctorate degree in medicine. He then became busy with life and forgot about music. In 2007, his father passed away. After his father passed, his life crashed. Yousuf Yousuf faced many unexpected personal issues and problems. He started to feel depressed and empty inside. After too much spending time in listening to Ahmad Zahir's music, album after album, it became time for him to pick up the pen and the paper and start writing songs again.

In 2009, Mazzarri recorded a few songs with a friend in Philadelphia and one night met up with Jonibek Murodov in New York. When Jonibek heard his voice, he told Yousuf that he would help him by introducing him to his musicians. Because Mazzarri being a perfectionist, it took along time for his music to be done the way he wanted them and professionally.

In late 2011, Yousuf wrote a song "Chee medanistam az awal" with its melody and asked Jonibek to collaborate with him. This song became a hit track in Tajikistan for some time. Mazzarri believes that music is international and brings the people all over world together. By now, Mazzarri has worked with many tajik, uzbek, afghan, iranian, german and american singers, songwriters, and musicians. He has over 20 songs already produced ready for music videos. In the near future, Yousuf Yousuf will have you surprised with his talent in the art of Music.

Yousuf Yousuf's Albums