Muhammad Rahim Bakhsh was born in 1922 in Kharabat district of Kabul Afghanistan He began his music training at a young age of 8 under the tutelage of his grand father Mohammad Akbar Bakhsh and later under his father Khalifa Imamuddin Bakhsh studying the art of Tabla. By the age of 10, Mohammad Rahim Bakhsh was officially accepted by the school of Ustad Qasim Afghan, becoming the 7th string student of this great afghan master.

Mohammad Rahim studied Tabla, Harmonium and vocal and sang the classical songs of his master at the schools performance events. An official of Radio Kabul invited Mohammad Rahim to sing on national radio which was broadcast live in its entirety. His first recorded song was More khyal was highly received by the public, that he was offered a full-time position as an official singer of National Radio. Mohammad Rahim Bakhsh, walked from his home in Kharabat to the radio station, perform his song and with musical instrument on his back, walked back home only to repeat it three more times daily.At the age of 13.

Ustad Rahim Bakhsh's Albums