Shakib Mosadeq is the leading singer of a home grown Rock Band in Afghanistan. Some call him the Bob Dylan of Afghanistan while others call him the Afghanistan King of Pop.

After gaining huge popularity Shakib became the target of some local officials who were angered by his songs of protest. Shakib, his wife, two members of his band and his three year old daughter are now on the run after they reflected explosive issues in their music.

They sang about human rights abuses and injustice in Afghanistan during a concert at Herat University. Shakib tried to make people understand the kind of human values and rights that we should have. What about freedom of expression, eh? The Taliban are “sons of Afghan soil” but Shakib Mosadeq has to leave the country. The famous Afghan sense of JUSTICE again. Shakib is a patriotic singer who decided to use his talent fight the injustice and inequality among his people.

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