Shafiq Soroush was born in Shiberghan. He has completed his studies till twelfth grade.

Shafiq used to listen to Farhad Darya’s songs while studying and remembers that every time he stood in front of a mirror, he pictured Farhad Darya and wanted to become an artist like him. Shafiq started to learn music from his father when he was 10 years old, and now he plays guitar and sings.

His brother is also an artist and supports the dream that Shafiq Soroush’s voice could fill the country’s streets and people’s hearts. Shafiq First appeared on Afghan TV Show “Afghan Star 2012/2013″ became famous with his soothing voice and good looks, Shafiq Soroush. Shafiq Soroush is now a known Afghan Singer Worldwide.

Shafiq Soroush's Albums