Shafiq Mureed is an Afghan singer born in Kabul, Afghanistan. His Parents are from Laghman province of Afghanistan. Shafiq Mureed is Afghan singer who was influenced by Nazir Khara. Khara thought him for few months and later he did one of his songs bewafa in kabul and his second song was (Dar Aan Nafas Ki Bimiram). Since, then Shafiq gained popularity in Afghanistan. He is known for his all song, all Dari and Pashto.

His focus has always been on the quality of the lyrics, music and compositions than the quantity of the songs and albums.

He thinks that a song has four important components which are lyrics, composition, music and vocals; and if either one of these components lack quality, it will have a negative effect on the whole song.

He has dedicated a beautiful song for Afghanistan after a long time, which has received a special reward from Ministry of Information and Culture for his inspirational, patriotic and beloved song and for the unprecedented service he has made for Music especially for Pashtu in the field of singing.

Shafiq Mureed has natural voice, and sings songs with great feelings, passion, expression and with most attractive and full of feeling and emotion voice, and with his greatest own way of singing it.

He is said to be the reservoir of Music Talent, he has full talent and skill in composition fusion, which attracts new comers and make them keen so as to start working with him.

Shafiq Mureed has always been helping students and children. He is one of the first founders that made a green environment campaign in the year of 2007 and is also creating a music video on environmental protection.

Shafiq Mureed is the most famous and popular singer now days which receives much love and appreciation from all over subcontinent, he has wide base of fans in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, India, USA and other countries.

Shafiq Mureed's Albums