Abdul Rahim Sarban, known simply as Sarban was born in 1929 in Sardar Jan Khan, Kabul. He is known for his unique voice and music style that no other singer from Afghanistan has been able to imitate.

Sarban started his music career in 1952 under observation of Ustad Farukh Afandi. His first song was "Ta Ba Kai Ay Mahleqa Dar Badaram Maikoni". Sarban was the first person to put lyrics to the "Ahesta Bero" anthem played for brides on their wedding day. The Famous British Muslim singer Sami Yousuf did copy his first song from Sarban composed song, "Biaka Beraim Bamazar"

Sarban moved to Pakistan in 1989 and died in 6 April 1994. But after 12 years of his death, his dead body was taken back to Kabul and buried in Shohada-e-Saliheen.

Sarban's Albums