Samir Rohesh's briography on his own words
In my early childhood days, the colorful sounds of music captured my heart. I played rhytmic patterns on everything I could get my hands on … mostly on teapots and my whole family was amused ( so tells my beloved mum ).

My parents noticed my passion for music and supported me in every possible way.

I started playing the "Tabla" at the age of 4, and two years later I had my debut on a charity party for Afghanistan where I played the "Tabla" with the guitarist Mr. Abdullah Taibi on a acoustic unplugged concert. Only one year later, at the age of 7, I heard a wonderful song called "Bewafa Yaaram" sung by one of the greatest musicians in afghan history "Ahmad Zahir".

From this day on I started singing and practising every single song of him, and the very first one I ever learned and was able to sing was "Bewafa Yaaram" as well. I broadened my horizon and started the commerce with tones and sounds so I could play new instruments like the keyboard or the harmonium.

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