Qais Ulfat, son of Ustad Ulfat Ahang was born in Kabul to a family with extensive musical background. As a result of the ongoing war in Afghanistan, Qais and his family were forced to abandon his birthplace and relocate to New Delhi, India.

Upon their settlement in India, Qais with the help and guidance of his father began singing and playing harmonium at the early age of 5. He also started learning the art of playing tabla from his Uncle, Ustad Fazel Ahmad. After relocating to Canada, which is his current home away from home, Qais pursued music as a career and began to play keyboard and arrange music for some well-known Afghan Artists.

His goal is to increase the quality and standards of Afghan music by blending his rich musical background with the aromas and flavors he's acquired internationally.

Qais Ulfat's Albums