Parasto came from a very strict religious family from Kabul. She started her career with the song 'Saqi' in the early 1970s on Radio Kabul.

Parasto graduated from Zarghona Girls' High School in Kabul. Her most popular songs are 'Juz Tu Zinda Am', 'Zindaghi Yak Rahe Door', 'Yak Shabe Baraani' and 'Dil Aadam', which was composed by Waheed Qasimi. In December 2009, Parasto was awarded the title of 'Sitara-e- Hunar' at the ATN Awards in Hamburg.

On 6 June 2010, Parasto's husband, Rahim Mehryar, died after suffering from cancer. Parasto returned to Afghanistan in November 2010 to perform for Afghans in Afghanistan and she was applauded by a lot of fans there.

Parasto's Albums