Obaid Juenda was born on 3rd November 1975 in the city of Kunduz where his father Mohammad Suleiman Khan was working as an official representative for a company called Speen Zar. When he was seven years old his family moved back to their city of origin, Kabul.

Obaid completed his primary and secondary education at Amani School and started his higher education at University Of Kabul in Law Faculty. Obaid appeared to be fond of music from a very young age and it didn’t take him and his family to long to discover his ability. When he was only ten years old he owned his first instrument (an accordion)with which he tended to spend all his free time while most of the boys of his age had fun. Obaid, being blessed with a haunting melodious voice and tremendous sense of rhythm, was initially a self-taught young musician who took part in many musical events at school and received a warm reception and support from the crowed of his audients. He recalls each single performance as great source of encouragement and simultaneously a driving force behind his commitment to music which made him devoted to music and as it appears from his surname “Juenda” (in-search-of) never refused to seek help from music clear- sighted people who could offer him a piece of advice.

Obaid had his first breakthrough to radio and TV whilst he was a law student at Kabul university and the first song titled “sadai qalbam” he recorded for radio and TV became a hit and he managed to record few more tracks but due to the sudden change of situation in Afghanistan they never got broadcasted. In 1992 Obaid was forced out of Afghanistan by the war in the country and made his way to Kiev the capital of Ukraine where he carried on with his education. In 1994 Obaid went to England where he was afforded further opportunity to explore his ability and talent in the field of music, and decided to establish a firm basis for his only ambition, music. Subsequently he met his ustad, one of the greatest names in music, Mr. Ghulam Ali and became his student.

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