Nizam Donya was born in Kabul, Afghanistan in a honest and religious family. He completed his elementary and secondary educations in Tajuwar Sultana elementary school then he continued and completed his higher education in Omar-e-Shaheed (Naderya) high school in Kabul City.

Due to civil war and unsuitable situation, He was obliged to leave Afghanistan for Pakistan in 1997 and lived there for six years. He has been interested in music and singing since very young age, He discovered his talent in singing in Pakistan where he participated some social and community gatherings.

Nizam Donya started to shine as an extra ordinary singer in the community attracting huge amount of viewers who supported and encouraged him to move for higher achievements. Nizam Donya spends most of his time practicing music, singing and listening to different types of Afghan, and Indian music.

His very first video clip song (CHASHMAN-E-ZEBA) was released in April 2008.

Nizam Donya intends to always cheer his funs by choosing lyrics which fits best into tradition, life style and situation. His songs contain direct and indirect messages of love, sincerity and unity for the people and his funs. He currently, resides in Montreal, Canada.

Nizam Donya has two Music Albums - Shor-e-EShq (2009) - Nawa (2011)

Nizam Donya's Albums