Meerwai Penhan was born on the 13th of September 1983 in the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul. However, Mirwais’s city of origin is Maidain Wardak.

Due to the war conflicts in Afghanistan, Mirwais’s family was forced to flee the country and was immigrated to Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. At the time Mirwais was at Lesaye Naderya High School studying Year 9. After arriving in Islamabad, he continued his education and completed his High School at Malalay High School. Meanwhile, he was interested in music from very young age. Following his parent’s desires, he completed his Degree of Education and studied Diploma of Computer Science for two more years at Corvet College.

Since music was his whole life dream and performing like Ustad Sarahang on stage in front of audience was his ambition, he started building his career path in music industry. At the age of 19, Mirwais started studying Classic and Rag music with one of the very famous and respected music teachers Ustad Fati-Ali Khan.

Today, Mirwais Penhan is well known for his classic singing in Afghan Music industry. However, he can also sing Simi Classic and Pop as well as playing few music instruments such as Tabla, Armonia, Keyboard and Guitar. While he is in progress of building his career in Music industry, he still continues learning more about classic music as there is no end point for his learning as a musician.

Whether it has been his life journey or his journey in music industry, his family has been his greater supporters. Their support and encouragements have enabled Mirwais to succeed in his career path, particularly in music.

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