Mehrangz was Born in Kabul Afghanistan, Mehrangez is the oldest of four children. She was born to a civil/environmental engineer and school teacher who always instilled in her the value of a higher education. Despite her god given talent in music and singing, Mehrangez's primary focus in life was to become an architect. As such, she pursued a Bachelors in Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona.

Despite these academic accomplishments, Mehrangez's love for music has left her wanting to pursue her passion of singing. Mehrangez began performing at family social events and school events as young as 7. Throughout her life, Mehrangez has had the privilege of performing with many distinguished artists of the Afghan community. In 1998, she had the honor of becoming an official musical student of the late Ustad Jalil Zaland.

Aside from the musical influences of great Afghan artists, Mehrangez's musical style is also inspired by the world renowned Mehdi Hassan, Jagjit Singh, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, Ustad Salamat Ali Khan, Ghulam Ali, Begum Akhtar and many others of the same caliber. Although these legends have impacted her music, Mehrangez, nevertheless, maintains her own unique style, voice, and delivery. Through her music she wishes to convey powerful messages that relate not only to Afghans, but to all human kind.

Her debut single "Awaragi" is Mehrangez's depiction of the lost soul in search of the happiness that she once experienced as a child in her motherland. Although art is very subjective and open to many artistic interpretations, Mehrangez's own interpretation of the video for Awaragi is the portrayal of a young successful and educated woman who is haunted by an illusion of her childhood. The character of the child in the video metaphorically represents a time of happiness, innocence and a sense of belonging that is now lost.

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