Matin (whose name means Powerfull) was born ‘April 22, In Kabul Afghanistan, where he lived until the age of 4, when his family decided to move to Europe for a better future. Matin attended both grade school and high school in The Netherlands, where he has spent most of his life.Matin has done International Business Management Studies'' in the Netherlands and It was during his College years when his talent for music developed.

Matin wanted to start his Music Career on a strong Base ,so He started learning Indian classical music , from Pandit .Ashok Pathak in The Netherlands , After receiving the blessings of Ustad A.Pathak and with the motivation of his family ,Matin began singing in traditional functions and private parties. Matin has attended many functions in The Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark and England along with his band obviously with a great success . Matin feels that Rayhan Osmani ''his Music Arranger .is playing a great roll in his Success so far .

Matin Osmani believes’ that Music knows no Bounds or Limits, His songs in Dari, Pashto Hazaragi and Hindi are appreciated a lot trough his fans and recently He even sung an Arabic Song’’ in his Debut Album, The Album is called ‘’Live in Studio’’ This Album is Released in 2010.

Matin 's First official Album ''Junoon'' is released ''dec 2012''. He is working very hard on his Music field,in order to satisfy his fans and to increase them even more in the Future.

Matin Osmani's Albums