Mamoon Eshaq, the second of eight children, was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. His father, Ghulam Ishan Eshaq, the General Director of the nation’s Finance Ministry, left Afghanistan along with his family in 1980 when the social and political storm was beginning to ravage the country into an uncertain future.

They came to the United States in the summer of 1980 in pursuit of freedom and opportunities. Mamoon attended both grade school and high school in Southern California, where he has spent most of his life. It was during his high school years when his talent for music developed. His father first noticed his vocal and instrumental talents around the age of fifteen. With the motivation of his father, Mamoon’s own hard work, as well as the aid and teachings of Ustad Jaspal Singh in Hollywood, he dedicated himself to an in-depth study of Classical Eastern Music. Mamoon’s ambitions were furthered the following three years with his study of the essence and style of ghazals and raagas.

After an unfortunate incident involving the illness of his father, further studies with Ustad Jaspal could not continue.During one fateful summer night, in the midst of many talented Afghan musicians, Mamoon performed for Khan Sahib Ustad Mehdi Hassan in Hollywood. Ustad Hassan quickly noticed his talents and made a very special and unforgettable gesture, which proved to be a turning point in his music career. Ustad Hassan called Mamoon up to himself at which point Ustad Hassan placed his hand upon Mamoon’s head and gave him his blessings. That point turned out to be the beginning of a notable and an emerging new star within the Afghan community. After receiving Mehdi Hasaan’s blessings and with the motivation of his family Mamoon began singing in family functions. His style and performance attracted the attention of many guests and he soon began performing within larger circles and in the midst of an ever-increasing crowd. After modernizing his music, Mamoon has successfully won the satisfaction of many younger crowds.

Mamoon has not limited his ambitions in pursuit of just ghazals and raagas. His songs in Dari, Pashto and Hindi are not only powerful in style but are enriched in substance as well. These combinations have given Mamoon an edge as the leading star amongst an ever-growing number of musician talents within the Afghan communities nationwide, especially in Southern California. Week after week, he has tirelessly provided the most professional and entertaining performance possible in a number of Afghan functions. Mamoon’s first album, “Island of Roses”, released in 2005, was proven to be a major success.

Since the launch of his first album, Mamoon has performed in many concerts and special events all throughout the country. He had also produced many music videos from this album. His deepest and sincerest thanks first goes to God, then his family who have been supportive of his endeavors. He extends his thanks to all his fans, who have made each and every one of his concerts a major success. His growing fan’s enthusiasm for his music has encouraged him to produce his second album, “For Your Eyes”, which has been released in the summer of 2008. After noticing his younger fans’ taste for pop music, Mamoon, with the help of his sincere friend, Khaled Kayhan, has taken his music to a level where Afghans of all ages can enjoy listening to. Mamoon has devoted two and a half years of long and hard work to produce this album. It is noteworthy to mention that Mamoon himself composed three songs in this album.

Mamoon Eshaq's Albums