Khalid Nasiri was born in Kabul Afghanistan. He is the youngest of 5 children in his family. He is from a well-known and well respected family. His father Late Qari Baqir Nasiri was well known for his Quran recitation in Afghanistan, who recited in the early days of Radio Afghanistan back in the 1950s. He had students like Qari Fahkhir, Qari Amaan and a few others. He was also a well-known businessman.

His father encouraged him to learn to play the accordion. Khalid at the age of 10 with his passion for music by just listening to songs within a month or so taught himself how to play the accordion. The conditions weren’t safe in Kabul when Khalid just started grade 9 at Habibia High School, & because of bad situation they had to leave the country and went to Pakistan where they stayed for 2 months and then moved to New Delhi, India. His interest in music led Khalid to buy a harmonium and practiced playing the instrument and singing with it.

After staying 2 years in India in the year 1984 they migrated to Vancouver, Canada. Where he completed his high school education & then attended BCIT College Institute of Technology in Vancouver in the Electrical field. In the late 1980’s when Khalid attendant family functions and gathering he always entertained them with his music and singing. Friends and family always encouraged him to take his music to the next level. Besides afghan music Khalid was also exposed and influenced by western music as well like Rock, Pop, Sole, and R & B, but he always kept his interest of singing in afghan music pure.

In the year 1991 he met another singer who just arrived from Russia who had his degree in Arts and Music. Wahid Omid didn’t just notice Khalid’s talent but also asked him if they could form a band. Together they performed in many occasions like Eid & Nowroz parties not just in Afghan community but also for Iranian community as well. They were among the first musicians who programmed and used drum machines,sequencers, arranger keyboards, and workstation keyboards.

Later in the year 1995 Khalid Nasiri went solo when he realized there was a clash in the musical style between him and Wahid Omid. But this didn’t end their friendship. Khalid Nasiri performed in many cities like Seattle, Portland, Calgary, Edmonton, San Francisco, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Michigan, Saint Louis & a few others with leaving remarkable memory behind with his voice and talent. In 1997 he got himself a singing teacher Shashi Lata a well known Indian singer and instructor who helped him with raags and vocals.

Also in the spring of 1997 Khalid Nasiri performed at a big concert in Toronto held at Paradise Banquet Halls in conjunction with Leila Ferouhar a famous female Iranian singer. His performance got into everyone’s hearts and souls & got him interested to move to Toronto. His first CD Album “Sabzina” that came out in the year 1998 touched everyone with his brilliant voice and hard work in recording.

After his move in the year 2000 Khalid Nasiri with his musical talent got very busy in the big city of Toronto until today. He released a beautiful music video in march of 2007 called “Ba Nazar” and kept his progress going in his music field. In year 2009 and 2010 he released two other music videos “Aroosee” which was a composition of Vaheed Kaacemy and “Roze Baygah”. Khalid received a lot of positive feedback for these clips. In 2012 he released yet another great music video called Tavalodet Mubarak, which has become a great hit and has caught a lot of attention and fans are loving it. He is still continuing to keep his progress of his Singing and making Music for his music fans for the years to come inshallah.

Khalid Nasiri's Albums