Hojat was a child prodigy with an innocent sensuality, one that seems to be of his own invention. Hojat Rahimi Paternity from the Country Afghanistan city of a beautiful Kabul, Afghanistan At the age of (8), signs of artistic sensations appeared on his face every time he heard a song or a tender voice from the TV or radio, or even from her own parents.

Hojat of age 8 to a special interest in art, music and vocals will be And at the age of 10 with a ton of good teacher called Iran / Hossein Abboud Mzraiy / began teaching piano and Music theory Hojat of payment until the age of 15, done a ton of fun and tradition of the best professors named Juan Iran / Houshang Jafari Zadeh / Slfzh began teaching the sound .!

Rahimi, a little-known art school in Iran began to teach piano and Vocal. Keyboard and music theory to students Had. Rahimi, who at age 15 was able to communicate in some TV and radio, Iran will start a … Opening International Festival in Khuzestan / Iran / H. Rahimi opened with a pleasant and welcomed him very much He was very much encouraged in this area.

Hojat of 2 years in IRIB Ahwaz city / associated with: Shamsaei / in the studio recording / music composed and arranged to pay. Young Hojat began studying music with the encouragement of his Father and mother. He learned to play the piano and the Keyboard just before he was 18 years old. at age 15, he entered a school of arts in Ahvaz ( IRAN ) and in a short time showed great intelligence in composing and playing music. After receiving a music diploma, Hojat In 1386_2008 In a The ninth Festival Big musical in Khuzestan Province Has Acquisition Position First 1.

Rahimi composed a great deal of music for other singers. Finally, in 2005, his first album was presented, Ya Saman (“Gardenia”), which was a collection of classic and folkloric music played and arranged by Rahimi (Keyboard, guitar, piano, Tablas). In the same year his voice was heard , his first vocal music, and afterward he continued work that resulted in Chi Begam(“What Say”), his first complete vocal album.

In 1999 he created a revolutionary album, Na rafegh(“Narafigh”), with rock and Slow , 6'n’8 and popular rhythms. However, none of his songs were permitted to be played on public media (i.e. TV). Rahimi worked hard to get a permission for his Nazanin (Nazanin), an album that was supposed to be released in 2007.

However, not only he did not, but also, he was banned to work as a singer, musician, or to appear on TV shows. Rahimi, Iran and Afghanistan for many singers, songs and poetry is beautiful … and in Iran with the best / Music studio / Khujand supplied master HR / has worked for … he’s the greatest singer / Iranian-Afghan / Set Music / lyrics / composition / has. Until Hojat to the country of Afghanistan in 2008 and there is He is highly recommended to work in Afghanistan as part of the music that he invited the TV and radio interviews many of Afghanistan in the face and voice of the people be heard. Until the Afghanistan is the largest and best-known TV / Dawn / Music in the company / Barbud / starts .

Rahimi has been composing for several Iranian films. To be called Afghans for one of the best TV / Az Man Chera Miranji / start the music. Hojat that one of the best known and most popular music of this series Made. Rahimi has had over 30 songs / music and has set up more than 100 / in the long There are 5 albums The album is the music 10th.

The famous and popular singer who has worked with them for proof: Safiya Norzad_ Ahmed Javad Karimi_ Najibullah Mahyar- Mansour Nazari_Ahmad Abdulkhani_Misam Mahsie_Ahamd yahida_Bezhan Zafarmal_Ehsan Hedayat niya _,……………….Many who are not countable.Rahimi, an Afghan working with one of the best directors / Farid Azim / They began as a studio /Video and Audio Prvdkshn / young people in Afghanistan.

Hojat of the piano and keyboard skills are amazing, he is invited to play several concerts.Hojat in the year 2011 in a big competition among the best singers in Iran, Iranian singer, won fifth place. Rahimi recently made an album called in the Afghanistan / day love .Valinten , which was very famous songs, including: Az Man Chera Miranji _ Ajab Balo Balai _ Valintine _ Pedar _ Nazanin Tanaz Man _ Sahari Be Yad Royat …………….. !Having left with no better choice, he decided to leave Iran in 2011, in order to continue his music in Italy , away from any restrictions. Az Man Chera Miranji (“Why is my pain”), Valentine(Valentine) ” are his most recent albums released .

In addition, Rahimi Composed And Singer in One movie, namely,Az Man Chera Miranji. Hojat for his art in Iran and the Iranian government would not be what he wants to let him do anything He had refused to help them with their parents and can be reached here .. However, the authorities in order to obtain Iran, the Iranian government decided to expel Iran from the Hojat of his family, his mother’s Iran, but he was anything but torture and temper tantrums and insulting him and his art and he did not do anything with His family were evicted from Iran. Hojat that all these difficulties in his private life I paid for their works of art and sports.

Rahimi Hojat other than music / she likes the sport of Taekwondo in / out 3rd Dan Black Belt And all your competition is doing in Iran and he invited the Iranian national team because of the origin Rahimi Afghanistan was the Iranian national team failed to work. But he was called to help mentor the mentors Iran were used. Hojat is definitely a promising star with an extra ordinary talent. We expect more success day after day for our extra ordinary star.

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