The interest in music of the Haidari Brothers started approximately eighteen years ago in Afghanistan. The Haidari family then resided in Kabul. Father Haidari played a considerable role in the development of his sons and their interest in music. Being a fervent music lover himself he bought the oldest son, the young Zubair, a harmonium and his second son, the young Samir, a tabla – two of Afghanistan’s most well-known musical instruments. It did not take long for the two brothers to master their instruments, and very soon they started performing at home for family and friends. Also at school they met other youngsters with an interest in music and this cooperation resulted in performances during small school concerts. Their talents were soon discovered and they were asked to perform two songs on a popular youth programme on Afghan television. After this, during the eighties, they played at several youth festivals in and around Kabul.

The political situation in Afghanistan determined the destiny of the Haidari family. In 1990 they fled to the Netherlands. The first seven years in the Low Lands of Western Europe was a time of growing accustomed to their new country, learning its language and culture and laying the foundations for a new life. During this period little time was found for music, but in 1998 Zubair and Samir decided to take up their old love for music. This time the third oldest son, Hasib, also showed interest in their music. He took music lessons and soon his talent with the keyboards became evident. The three of them performed like in the old days again for family and friends, and in no time their appreciation translated in more and more invitations for bigger and bigger performances. At first only for small parties, but soon the three of them started to perform for a broader public at larger performances. Three years later the youngest of the four, Mustafa, joined the group. He plays complementary on keyboards.

And so the Haidari brothers have developed into a close knit quarternity of young masters of Afghan music. Zubair is the lead singer and plays the harmonium. His star sign is Taurus and he is the thinker and philosopher of the group. He lives together with his three brothers and the rest of his family in the west of the Netherlands. He worked as a security officer. The second oldest, Samir, is next to Zubair the second singer in the group and plays tabla and dohl. His astrological sign is Virgo and he is the communicator and manager of the group. He works as a service advisor for an automobile company. Hasib, the brother with the muscical fingers on the keyboards is also a Virgo. He is the intellectual of the group and studies law at the University of Amsterdam. The youngest, Mustafa, is the second player on the keyboards. His star sign is Pisces. He is the dreamer of the four and is still at school.

The Haidari Brothers have an ambition to introduce Afghan music to the world, a music with characteristic rythms such as mogholi and geda. Not only for the sake of this happy and sunny music, but also to convey from their background a message of love and humanity to a world where more and more people are looking for happiness and peace.

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