Haidar Salim is an Afghan singer.[1] He now resides in Dublin, California, U.S., continuing singing in exile. Already popular before the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, he is one of the few surviving singers of Afghanistan’s 70s era musician collection who’ve maintained their popularity throughout the decades.

He is brother to Salma Jahani and brother-in-law to Rahim Jahani. He is also the cousin of Ahmad Wali List of CD's Sorood-e Kabul, Pay- Ashk, Taqdeer, Sapidah, Dukhtar-e Afghan, Nawa-e Dil, Majlisi Awal, Maykadah, Majlisi Dawoom, In Concert with Salma, Mastee, Kabul and Zeba.

Haidar Salim performing Ahmad Zahir's classic hit Imshab Byayad (Tonight it should come), inspired by Elvis Presley's number one hit "It's Now or Never." Filmed by Cinevision Studios in the center of the Western Hemisphere, the San Franscisco Bay Area.

Haidar Salim's Albums