Habib Qaderi is an Afghan singer-songwriter, composer and producer, all in all an accomplished musician. A multi-talented showman full of energy and an optimistic attitude in combination with his golden voice has helped him win the hearts of millions of Afghans across the globe. His talent and contribution to Afghan music was reason enough to award him the title of 'one of the most influential artist in afghan history'.

Habib, well known for his major hit singles in a wide variety of genres, has contributed to the Afghan Music Industry in an original yet revolutionary way. Coming from a family with little musical background he soon discovered his passion for music and learned to play several musical instruments, including the tabla, harmonium and keyboard to name a few.

At a very young age Habib turned his passion into his profession by performing live at private afghan events that unexpectedly turned into remarkable shows. He soon after released his very first album ‘Chadar-e-Gulnaar’ in 1994 and rapidly became a well-recognized artist. His second album Sahil followed in 1997. However, it was his third album ‘Arus-e Gulha’ in 1998 that grew into a tremendous success. After this album containing the title song ‘Arus-e Gulha’, which he sang together with the famous Iranian singer Laila Forouhar, the star was born. In 2001 after the release of his super hit album Golden Dreams, Habib earned the title of ‘afghan superstar’. The songs on this album became hit singles and were played at every afghan event across the globe as well as various TV and radio stations in Afghanistan.

Habib Qaderi's Albums