Born in Afghanistan with roots that trace back to the valleys of Herat, Ghazal Sadat is the name highly valued in the Afghan music scene. She moved out from Afghanistan at a very young age and was then raised in Europe and Canada.

Since her childhood she was madly and truly in love with the melodious Afghan music. Along with her academic achievements she groomed her love for music and transformed herself into a talented music diva.

With a God gifted beauty, she is also gifted with a natural voice that perfects her for singing. Her songs are melodious and mesmerizing, her voice is soft and romantic. She believes that with the universal language of music people would start loving each other and promote peace and harmony.

Ghazal resides in Dubai now and have extensive international tours around the globe for her concerts and stage appearances. She is intended to step into experimental music now and her fans will see her with new surprises in times to come.

Ghazal Sadat's Albums