Farhad Shams is a Kabul born Afghan singer who lived in Greece for 3 years and later he spent most of his life in Germany and currently lives in Cologne/Germany. His interests cover singing in a number of different styles from Contemporary to Ghazals and even extended to Hindi music. At the age of 5 he started his first experiences in the world of music by performing in programs designed for children in Kids-Channel broadcasted from Afghanistan. Later, he proudly received valuable music lessons from Nooragha Sarmadi as well as some other knowledgeable teachers while studying music in an academic environment.

As a "Composer, Lyricist, and Performer" his popularity among his fans raised by his unique and successful performances. Farhad Shams wrote and composed most of his own tunes such as "Dam Lab Labe Dalaan, Naghmae Asrat, Ballah Dokhtar, De Miney Raaz and Yaad“. He also created a cover-version of some other tracks by other singers including "Ba Eshqe Tu Kardam, Qadake Beland and Matlabe Dosti“.

A multi-instrumentalist musician who is fluent on playing Harmonica, Dholak, Rubaab and Tabla, is one of the top afghan singers ever! He is aware of his vocal capabilities, has a large vocal range and his vocal control is extraordinary.

Farhad Shams participated at the Big Apple Music Award Show in New York / Manhattan and won the Award for "Best Afghan Ballad Singer 2009"

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