Award winning singer, composer and Peace & Rights Activist Farhad Darya has been the most influential musician on the Afghan Music scene since the mid 80s, and certainly is a founder of a new wave of music in Afghanistan.

He is known as the most prominent voice and a revolutionary creative force behind the contemporary music of Afghanistan. He has been an extraordinary hit-maker and best seller since the late ‘80s.

During the conflict years, Darya found his fame going beyond the boundaries of his country, reaching out as far as Central Asia, Iran, Pakistan, India, and further to Germany, Denmark, Italy, Australia, Canada, the U.S., the U.K., … and gradually the world heard Darya’s music.

After the collapse of Taliban, the revival of freedom announced by Radio Afghanistan (November13, 2001) awoke the city with Darya’s song “Kabul Jaan” (beloved Kabul). He was fully introduced to the Western world after showcasing the deserved and kind face of Afghanistan to the world, to the point that Western media started calling him “The Voice of the Afghan Nation”, “Peace Ambassador”, “Music Diplomat” and “Man of the Day” (BBC Radio).

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