After finishing music school in India and Pakistan , Kabul-born Eiraj Kazmi ( EK ) became Afghan pop's biggest male crossover artist since 2002. Noted for his aggressive, rock-influenced approach, EK maintains an extraordinary degree of creative control over his music, EK composes and directs nearly all of his own songs, and in the process gained a reputation as one of Afghan music director and composer. When he released his first Afghan Song ( To Raftee Dar Safar ) in 2002, EK became an instant pop sensation.

Eiraj Kazmi (in Short: EK) was born October 13, 1987, in Kabul, Afghanistan, into a Afghan typical family. His parents are from Kabul Afghanistan. His father is a big fan of music , and so as a child EK soaked up music from his father; he also listened heavily to Indian-language rock & roll and Afghani music, listing his favorite singer Sonu Nigam. EK wrote his first song at age fifteen , began entering (and winning) talent competitions at age fifteen, and started learning the piano at age 9.At age 9, EK moved to India to learn piano to start his singing career.

When EK first song received numerous award in 2002, he asserted more control over the direction of his music. He started composing and directing music for Afghan Movies, Afghan singers and an Indian Serial. His work of music became a hit all over Afghanistan , as well as among Afghans all over world.

EK has 3 Music albums, 8 DVDs from live concerts and 4 music videos . His songs and music videos are highly appreciated by his listeners, are aired in all afghan radios and television channels in and outside Seeking to build on his success, EK has come with an idea of making his own music production company named EK . The company is with head office in Germany and sub office in Kabul Afghanistan.

Eiraj Kazmi now lives in Frankfurt Germany and is currently working on his next album Black World and tries constantly to improve and bring new songs and flavor to Afghan music.

Eiraj Kazmi's Albums