Ehsan was born in Lashkargah, Afghanistan, to Mohammad Aman Ibrahim, an engineer by profession. By caste he is Sarparah, whose lineage can be traced to the distinguished people of Helmand province. Ehsan's interest in music developed in early childhood when he learned to play the accordion. This led to his participation in his high school music functions that raised public support for his professional pursuit of music. After completing his high school education, Ehsan won a scholarship to enter Kabul University and he followed his father's footsteps to study.

Aman's serious interest in music began during university- during his attendance as a student, he held various live performances; Ehsan's popularity began to rise. However, there were tensions between Aman and media personalities- the adverse circumstances of the time period led to misinterpretation of his lyrics and contributed to negative publicity. His songs – which were regulars of Kabul Radio Station – were banned.

Ehsan Aman's Albums