Aziz Guman a poet, songwriter, composer and singer, was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan. As a child Aziz sang with the Afghan Music Children's Choir and later acted with the Afghan Youth Theatre. He also became a member of Kabul Nindahray, where he went on to writing plays and sitcoms, some of which he acted in as well. These were aired on Afghan National Television.

Aziz wrote lyrics for other singers of the time (Hameed Gulistani, Nazeer Kharaa, Fawad Popal and Rohullah Rooin) and also wrote short stories for magazines (Darafsh-e Jawanaan).

Aziz Guman left his beloved Afghanistan in 1987 and moved to Canada via Pakistan in 1990. In Canada he started writing lyrics for Habib Qadiri, Qader Ashpari, Khalid Shabob, Khalid Nasiri, RohUllal Fayaz and many other singers. Aziz released his first album, Dar Hashia-e Atash in 2004.

His Recent work includes music and lyrics for Marya Ayar, Nawid Sahil, Mahmood Aslami and Farid Omaid. Aziz also released his live concert album, Eshq-e Afghani, which contains the songs from his 2006 concert. Aziz Guman was nominated for the best composer and lyricist award in 2008 Noor TV Awards. Other nominees for this prestigious award were Ustaad Khayal, Ameer Jaan Saboori and Waheed Qaseme.

Aziz Guman's Albums