Akmal Hamdard was born in the beautiful city of Kabul(Afghanistan) on the 21st of November. Akmal's interest in music developed in early childhood when he learned to play the Tabla.At the age of 9, he and his family flee Afghanistan due to the war and struggles of everyday life.

He arrived in the Netherlands, where he and his family established themselves in the beautiful harbour city of Rotterdam a.k.a. "Florida aan de Maas". Leaving Afghanistan was hard for him and only the love and passion in Afghan music made him feel less separated from his fatherland.

He started to learn how to play the Keyboard and the Harmunia beside the Tabla. It was also here the passion that made him a great musician who could play several different instruments. In 2005 he took his shot and began his first performance as a singer. He started his first performance at a family party and the result was an overwhelming applause from the audience.

After the great stage performance he took the decision to focus on his singing abilities. Day after day he kept on practicing to deliver the best he could and to become the best. The requests to perform kept on coming and before anybody could knew he became a well-known performer at weddings and small private parties.

While he kept on performing on several different stages, Akmal finished his study at the Albeda College and graduated with a Business Administration degree.

He is now working with several well-known and great music producers on his debut album in which he intends to present a number of modern and high quality tracks. Akmal has already released two singles from his debut album namely "Gomshoda" (2011) and "Selsela" (2012).

Akmal performs with the love and passion that he had from his childhood for the Afghan music. And the great support of his relatives, friends and his fans makes that love and passion keep on growing for delivering a great performance time after time.

Akmal Hamdard's Albums