I was born on Dec /24/ 1988 . It was a very rainy day, as my parents have told me. I grew up in the most beautiful city in kabul, . in childhood I always sing songs from my favorite movies. . My father, who was a engineer , showed me how to play different instruments. My mother, the best mother for me. She let me know that it is all about the passion one has within them that really matters. It's with this passion that I have for music that I express myself. When I sing, and I am on stage in front of thousands of fans, I sing from my heart. I put my heart and passion into my music. Music is all the same whether it be Afghan, Indian, and so on. What really matters is the love that one has behind it.

I had met my team in 2008 and everything changed from that point on. Of course, even before I had met them I was earning money through music but at that point I didn’t really know what my future is . My team motivated me and after 11 months of hard work and dedication, the songs were ready and debut Album “NeGaH” . on October 19, 2011.

A little message to my fans: I love it when I see how often you visit my homepage, or how often you look at my videos on Youtube. You are the ones that give me energy and keep me going. I hope one day I’ll be able to visit all my fans all over the world. I hope we see each other on tour! I hope that you all come to my concert, but make sure you leave your concerns and problems at home, because I want to sing with you, dance with you, and laugh with you.

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