The great Afghan poet, singer & composer Abdul Baqi Moqori, popularly known as Abdullah Moqori was born in the small town (Moqor) which is near by Ghazni province of Afghanistan.

His father, Maulavi Abdul Wahab his grandfather & all of his uncles are religious figures and Islamic scholars. He attended school in his hometown where he acquired valuable knowledge of Islamic studies along with knowledge of Pashto, his native language.

At a young age, Moqori had developed a passion for singing but he could not reveal it to his family because of their religious background and conservative views. It was after the deaths of his father that he, at the age of 23, began to pursue singing as a career. This led to his social boycott by his paternal uncles which ended few years ago.

The love of Pashto music took Moqori to the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul & at the age of 24 he was able to make a debut at Kabul Radio & Television with the patriotic song "Aye Bagha Zema Aye Bostaana Zama" This soundtrack became a big hit & young Moqori found place in music lover’s hearts. In the beginning, he didn't got much time on the electronic media & he would occasionally visit Kabul. But when his popularity grew and he was given more time in the electronic media, he permanently shifted to Kabul.

Unlike other musicians, his music is centralized towards the message of patriotism, pride and culture of Afghanistan. He believes in the beauty of the Afghanistan, its culture, and its people. Through his music he aspires to stay connected to his people and to convey his message of unity amongst the Afghan people. His music is traditional and is very much connected to his roots and unlike other musicians, he does not wish to modernize his music.

He continued to cater to the needs of the folk music-lovers even during the time when Afghanistan was passing through Russian occupation. He entertained people with unpolluted music & some 70 cassettes of Moqori were released in Afghanistan by 1992.

In 1992 because of the civil war in Afghanistan, Moqori moved to Pakistan & continued singing abroad to entertain his fans, Moqori recorded upto 30 albums abroad and all of the albums had a message of peace and unity.

In 2001, after the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan had ended, Abdullah Moqorii was the first singer/artist in the history of Afghanistan to become a parliament member and help the new government in rebuilding the country. He was choosed as the presenter of Ghazni province in the Afghanistan parliment. He worked with the new government for 3 months but soon he presented his resignation came back to live wiht his family.

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